The Society

It’s Stereoscopy Day on the 21st of June!

Please see the ‘News’ page for details!!


The Stereoscopic Society brings together all who are interested in viewing or taking photographs, or making videos in 3-Dimensions. Movies/Films are being made in 3D, many TVs are now able to display 3D images. Some phones, tablets, notebook computers and electronic photo frames include 3D displays.  Some can even display 3D without using special glasses.

Many of us grew up with the Stereocards and viewers contained in Weetabix packets of the 1960s, others with the marvels of the View-Master reels holmesviewer2available from many souvenir shops throughout the last few decades of the 20th Century. There have been many Movies/Films, including Jurassic Park, Avatar and many more, made available in 3D. Do you have a 3D TV at home?  How about showing your holiday photos in full 3D on your 3D TV?  Go one further and produce home 3D movies.

Join the Stereoscopic Society and you too can be producing 3D still photographs and/or 3D movies using one of the commercially available 3D cameras, or, for the more fujiw3widecyclopaadventurous a home built 3D camera rig.  We have many members to help and inspire you to create your own wonderful 3D productions.  Many members have their own specialities such as wildlife, time lapse, macro and microscopic work, all of which they would love to share with you.  You may just wish to view all the magnificent work our members are creating.

The Stereoscopic Society was founded in 1893 Its membership has a long tradition of capturing the world stereoscopically in 3D using ready madestereorealistb cameras and self build equipment for over 125 years. Their interests lay across the full spectrum of activities from digitally produced Audiovisual shows to digital and film photography and making of traditional stereo cards and many other things.


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