Accessibility at the Harrogate Convention 2020

The Stereoscopic Society Annual Convention
Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate
1st to 4th May 2020

Accessibility at the Harrogate Convention 2020

The Stereoscopic Society Convention and AGM 2020 will be held in Harrogate – at the Cedar Court Hotel, from Friday 1st to Monday 4th May 2020. Here is a quick description about accessibility at the Cedar Court Hotel and for the Sunday Outing to Harewood House and Knaresborough.

Regards accessibility at the hotel, it is all generally flat through out the bedroom hallways and main reception. There are a couple of steps down to the level of the function and dining rooms with an alternate route of a short slope.

There are a couple of steps back up to the double doors of the projection room, they have a ramp they can put at one end of the long steps. Let us know if you require this – or be aware one is available if you want to ask staff on the weekend.

Harewood house on the Sunday outing is quite accessible in the house.
There are six steps up to the front door of Harewood House and a wheelchair lift is fitted on the right hand side of the steps, then all the state rooms are on one level. A courtesy, indoor wheelchair is available from the House Desk. House Desk staff will be happy to assist. Obviously downstairs is – downstairs, but it can be accessed from outside.
Harewood is situated on a natural slope. For your own safety, please take care, especially on the steeper inclines. The wearing of flat, rubber-soled shoes is recommended. People accompanying those in wheelchairs will need to be strong and able pushers.

Afterwards we will go to Knaresborough only 20 minutes away and a pretty town overlooking a river. The intention is the coach will drop us by the castle in the town. Walking around the castle (ruins) is flat paved paths with beautiful views over the river. The castle is next to the Market square and shops and cafes, which are all on the flat and fairly level ground.

To go down to the river is a long steep walk, but unnecessary.
The views of the river are limited as there are private houses on the riverside and the access road is behind the houses. There are couple of nice river side vantage points by the viaduct and boat launch.

You are welcome to drive yourselves to Harewood House and then you can make your own minds up what to do at Knaresborough. Just let Mary know and we can just charge you the group access to Harewood House which is a discounted rate £13 each, plus the guided tours if you want to do them are £5 around the House and another £5 guided tour of the garden. You get access to everywhere for the £13 anyway to do it at your own pace.

There are no charges at Knaresborough – just pay your own parking, and you can always move from the town down to a car park at the riverside, and cross the road to where the vantage points are near the viaduct and boat hire area. There are several nice cafes there also.

All the journeys are very short in a small triangle, less than 30 minutes to Harewood House in the morning, 20 minutes to Knaresborough, and 15 back to the hotel.

I would recommend seeing Harewood House, it is one of the best stately homes in the country.

The hotel is about 10 minute walk into the shops, or short car drive, or taxi.
There are various on street parking and car parks. There will be lots of people with cars and we will easily find friends who will look after you. The town is mainly on the flat with the hotel. But the town does drop down a steep hill to where some of the tourist attractions are in the bottom of town with the Royal Pump Room and Valley Gardens.
So you may wish to move about by car/taxi.

Hope that all helps.

Best Wishes,
Andrew Hurst

The Stereoscopic Society
Telephone: 07768 484971