Coventry October 2016

1 Oct 2016                                 Andrew Hurst
“Crinoline: Fashion’s Most Magnificent Disaster”  talk by special guest Denis Pellerin
Denis Pellerin of the London Stereoscopic Company (LSC) and author of “Crinoline: Fashion’s Most Magnificent Disaster” came as our special guest speaker to the first Coventry meeting of the new season.

Denis gave an extremely interesting talk about this new 3D book which he co-authored with Brian May.  There are many stereo cards which feature ladies in Crinoline dresses, many in humorous poses poking fun at this unusual fashion craze which died a natural death more than 100 years ago, after being responsible for the deaths of thousands – literally fashion victims!

denis-pellerin-crinoline-6cm-300dpiThe Crinoline dress is all about volume and roundness, so is an ideal subject for 3D.
Denis gave us a very interesting history of the Crinoline dress and brought us right up to date with images of modern fashion students who wore their designs at the launch of the book.

Denis also showed us the new OWL Virtual Reality Kit which allows a smartphone to be held in an OWL viewer and a new pocket version of the viewer, the LITE OWL.
We then saw some images from STARMUS festival in the Canary Islands, a festival that celebrates Astronomy and Music.  A special 12 minute stereoscopic journey into space, entitled “Horizons” had been created by Denis and Brian.   This 3-D experience played as an app on smartphones and was viewed in 3-D through the OWL VR kits, and enjoyed by over 1,000 attendees at the festival.  The sound track is a solo guitar piece by Brian.

slide-iphone-brian-and-professor-hawkingThe festival was a tribute to Stephen Hawking to whom Brian helped show  “Horizons” a through an OWL VR.

We would like to thank Denis for an extremely interesting talk and for bringing many of the products to sell.  Go to to view and order online.

After the break there was projection of the ISU’s Digital Club Folio Shows.  These are a diverse selection of 3D images taken by our colleagues from all around the world, showcasing their local 3D clubs.  The shows are put together by Stephen O’Neil from Switzerland who happened to be at the Coventry meeting and able to introduce the shows and explain that the ISU Digital Folios are now available to view in 3D on YouTube and watched on a computer or 3D TV.
To complement the ISU folio we were shown the promotional video for the 21st ISU World Congress which will be held from August 8 to 14, 2017 in Irvine, California, USA in conjunction with the National Stereoscopic Association’s annual congress 3D-Con.  The joint event is being hosted by the LA 3D Club who put on an excellent congress a few years ago with lots to see and do and interesting speakers from Hollywood 3D blockbuster productions. For those wishing to make an extended holiday, a week after the congress there is a Total Solar Eclipse going right across the USA on Monday 21 August 2017.  For information and to register, please go to
The afternoon finished with a beautiful show from Takashi Seketani – “Hyperlapse”, a sequence of Hyper 3D images which were also time lapse recording of different scenes around Japan.  This show was one of the award winning shows at the ISU congress last year in South Korea.

There was an excellent turnout for this meeting, thank you to all who came.