Stereoscopic Society London meeting, December 10th 2016

We started the meeting with a presentation of the Third Dimension Society’s 53rd annual Exhibition. As ever, this was full of superb images from Stereographers from around the world and was well received by the meeting.  A preview of 3D-CON 2017 ( Joint ISU congress and NSA convention to be held in Irvine, California, 8 – 14 August) was shown and the background explaind by Harry Atkinson along with details of the eclipse which will occur shortly after the event.  Colin Metherell explained a technique that he uses for assessing depth in projected images. This involves the use of a laser pointer which is pointed at particular parts of the image and is seen “double” as the eyes view the 3D image. excessive separation of the laser dots indicates a possible problem.

After a pleasant  break with suitably festive fare (much provided by Paul Gibbs – Thanks Paul!) we had the Digital Image Competition.

We had 21 entries which meant we had 63 images and, as those  who attended will know, the audience enjoyed 3 viewings – the first two anonymously but with titles for the purpose of enabling them to vote – the last viewing with the addition of the names of the stereographers.  In the event, Bob Pryce was judged to be the winner with his striking image  “Burdock Great Burr”, and Bob will receive a certificate in due course.  Second was Mike Hillyard with “Cordoba Alleyway” and then there was a 5-way tie for third place: Mary Paul with “Misty Trees”; Andrew Holt with “City Aerial”; Mary Paul with “Beamish Trams”; Ian Rawat with “Burren Birds”; and Ian Hastie with “Listening to the Waves”.

Bob Pryce’s winning image “Burdock Great Burr”

All of the images were much appreciated by the audience and I’d like to say a big thank you to all those who submitted entries.  I hope that we will be able to run the competition again in 2017.  If we do, I plan two changes to the format: Numbers as well as titles on each image to aid voting “in the dark”, and  the audience will be asked to choose their favourite 3 images (not ranked).

Mike Hillyard