Coventry programme

Meetings are currently CANCELLED due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
Meetings will resume once members are confident in meeting safely.

The programme below though out of date is left as an example of what we present at our meetings prior to the pandemic. We look forward to welcoming you to similar meetings in the future.

We are currently meeting Virtually – Online on a weekly basis, presenting 3D images and 3D Videos and discussing anything 3D related.

Meetings Held at St Barbara’s Church Hall, 24 Rochester Road, Earlsdon, Coventry, CV5 6AG

Visitors are most welcome.

Go to Calendar or download the full programme as a .pdf or click here to see full Coventry Meeting directions and details

Doors open at 2pm. Meetings start at 2.30pm end time 5pm. Entrance: £3.00 including refreshments.

October 5th 2019:
Host: Andrew Hurst.

(A) Collecting Stereos: Highlights from Dr Brian May’s collection with collection curator and photo historian Denis Pellerin.
There are as many ways of collecting photographs as there are collectors. Some collect only big names from the photographic world, others go for specific processes, and a lot more for particular and sometimes very specialised subject matters. Dr. Brian May’s extensive collection would appeal to any of the above individuals as it is all inclusive and offers enough material for dozens of books and articles. Discover a few of those stereoscopic gems with photo historian Denis Pellerin, curator of Dr. May’s collection.

(B) Projection of international award winning 3D AV and Video shows, including ISU CODE Shows, (images from 3D clubs around the world).

November 2nd 2019:
Host: Mike Hillyard.

The whole of this meeting will be devoted to the projection of members’ 3D presentations based upon the theme “HISTORY”, originally shown at the London Meeting in January 2019.

December 7th 2019:
Host: Francis Heath.

(A) This year marks the 80th anniversary of the launch of the View-Master viewers with their familiar circular reels of seven 3D images.
Members are invited to bring examples of any View-Master products to celebrate the 80th anniversary of this iconic 3D viewing system – not a toy.
Please bring a selection of viewers and reels you are happy to put on display for others to have a look at, especially anything unusual.
Of special interest will be personal image reels produced by members using the View-Master cameras.
(Many tables will be available for you to display your items, please be sure you can identify yours if people mistakenly put them down on the neighbouring table.)
Please bring along any items you would like to sell or swap, please identify them with your name and prices so people know who to see.

There will also be projection of some 3D shows relating to the history of View-Master.

(B) Third Dimension Society EXHIBITION Accepted entries and winning images in this year’s competition will be projected.

January 4th 2020:
Host: Bob Pryce.


The whole of the meeting will be devoted to a 3D projection session giving an opportunity for up to eight members to show off their completed work or work in progress. Show us your exotic trips or unusual pastimes. The lucky eight will have volunteered or been selected, prior to this meeting, to present digitised images for projection (side-by-side jpegs without borders as usual).

They may talk or not to the projection of their sets of images which may be a related set or not as they see fit but their presentation will be strictly limited to 15 minutes. This is not a competition – it is an opportunity for members to test and show off their work and to entertain their colleagues.

Around 50 images is probably what you will be able to get through with live narration. If you have more please practice your narration – the stage hook will remove you at 15 minutes.  Or we can set the slide show to run automatic at a speed that will cover all images in 15 minutes – please keep up.

Members wishing to take part in the February Meeting Show and Tell session should Inform Barry Aldous in advance.
February 1st 2020:
Host: Barry Aldous.

Members are given an opportunity to show any gadgets, devices, or to explain techniques they have developed or learnt in pursuit of 3D that would be of interest to others.

(B) A chance to see some 3D AV presentations prepared by members.

March 7th 2020:
Host: Geoff Ogram.

(A) Digital stereo photography lends itself to all kinds of image processing and creativity using software such as SPM or one of the many AV video software programs. Advanced methods for use in these areas will be discussed and demonstrated.

(B) THEMED IMAGES. Members are invited to bring a set of a maximum of ten digital images based upon one of the following themes – NATURAL HISTORY or TRANSPORT.
This will be a non-competitive presentation, purely for entertainment.

April 4th 2020: – CANCELLED
Host: Colin Metherell.

Please bring a selection of stereoscopic cards to display and let other members view. They may be commercial cards or hand made. Please also bring appropriate viewers to use, or unusual ones for display. If anyone would like time to describe their collection or way of making cards to the group please let us know.

In this final meeting of the season’s programme you can enjoy seeing all the accepted entries and award-winning images in our latest members 3D photo competition.