Coventry programme

Meetings Held at St Barbara’s Church Hall, 24 Rochester Road, Earlsdon, Coventry, CV5 6AG

Visitors are most welcome.

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Doors open at 2pm. Meetings start at 2.30pm end time 5pm. Entrance: £3.00 including refreshments.

October 7th:
Host: Andrew Hurst
A. CHARLES WHEATSTONE AND THE EARLY YEARS OF THE STEREOSCOPE “: Denis Pellerin of the London Stereoscopic Company will examine how Wheatstone tried to promote his reflecting stereoscope till the 1870s in spite of the popular success of the lenticular viewer.
B. 3D AV AND VIDEO SHOWS: Projection of international award winning presentations, including the ISU Club Folio (images from other 3D clubs around the world).

November 4th:
Host: Ray McMillan
A. DIGITISING SLIDES: Various methods of digitising film images will be explained and discussed with examples, including some archival images which have been preserved in the new form.
B. THIRD DIMENSION SOCIETY Annual Competition/Exhibition 2017. Projection of the award-winning images and all other accepted entries. For the second time in the history of this competition you will see images from the following newly-designated categories: 1. Slides 2. Reality (digital) and 3. Altered Reality (digital)

December 2nd:
Host: Mike Hillyard “THE COUNTRYSIDE”
The entire meeting will be devoted to the projection of AV presentations, based on this theme, made by members of the Society. It was first shown at the London meeting in January 2017 and was well-received. Members’ Interpretations of this theme were wide-ranging, producing a show with plenty of variety and much to enjoy. (NB. Members are reminded to prepare a selection of digital images to bring to the January meeting for projection. See de-tails for the January meeting.)

January 6th 2018:
Host: Bob Pryce
A. STEREOSCOPICALLY WARWICKSHIRE: Bob Pryce has carried out much research concerning this county. He will present a programme of local and natural history of Warwickshire that he has compiled.
B. MEMBERS’ DIGITAL IMAGES; Members are invited to submit a maximum of 10 digital images for projection. The set can be a random collection of images or a themed group; the choice is entirely up to the individual. Three judges will select a winning set (not an individual image) and a small prize will be awarded. (NB The images should be presented simply as a set of stills; no videos or AV programme with titles or soundtrack.)

February 3rd
Host: Geoff Ogram
A. SHOW AND TELL: Members are invited to show new equipment, gadgets or explain new techniques in 3D imaging that may be of interest to others. Please let Geoff Ogram know in advance if you would like to contribute to this session.
B. MEMBERS’ FILM SLIDES: Despite the great surge in digital imaging in recent years, several members still continue to use film cameras for some ( or even all?) of their images. So members are invited to bring a selection of their slides for projection.

March 3rd:
Host: Barry Aldous
A. MAKING AUDIO VISUAL (AV) SHOWS: More members are now producing very successful and sophisticated AV shows to a high standard. In this first half of the meeting there will be an on-screen demonstration to show how these AV shows can be produced.
B. MEMBERS’ AUDIO VISUAL SHOWS: A number of AV programmes made by various members, both past and present, will be shown; in addition, a sequence of still images from the various Folio groups in the Society will be projected.

April 7th:
Host: Francis Heath
A. WORLD WAR 2 3D: Society Treasurer Geoff Hallett will give a presentation based on the techniques to establish 3D images created from original WW2 RAF photo-reconnaissance 2D film. These were taken over key enemy sites such as the V2 development site at Peenemunde on the Baltic coast and the battleship Tirpitz, discovered hiding in northern Norway in 1943.
B. STEREOSCOPIC SOCIETY ANNUAL EXHIBITION 2018. To end the season’s programme we once again provide a chance for you to see the entries (slides, digital and prints) for this year’s exhibition. All the entries (including the win-ning images, of course!) will be projected.