Coventry programme

Meetings Held at St Barbara’s Church Hall, 24 Rochester Road, Earlsdon, Coventry, CV5 6AG

Visitors are most welcome.

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Doors open at 2pm. Meetings start at 2.30pm end time 5pm. Entrance: £3.00 including refreshments.

October 6th 2018:
Host: Barry Aldous

(A) MAKING AUDIO VISUAL (AV) SHOWS: More members are now producing very successful and sophisticated AV shows to a high standard. In this first half of the meeting there will be an on-screen demonstration to show how these AV shows can be produced.

(B) MEMBERS’ AUDIO VISUAL SHOWS: A number of AV programmes made by various members, both past and present, will be shown; in addition, a sequence of still images from the various Folio groups in the Society will be projected.

November 3rd 2018:
Host: Geoff Ogram

(A) HOLOGRAPHY: Holography is a particularly fascinating form of 3D imaging. A few years ago, Dr Martin Richardson, Professor of Modern Holography at De Montfort University gave a talk and demonstration at one of our London meetings. He has now agreed to present it to our Midlands Group.

(B) THIRD DIMENSION SOCIETY 2018 Annual Competition Exhibition: Projection of the award-winning images and all other accepted entries. There is another change in the competition in that the Slides section is no longer available, which leaves just two categories: 1. Reality (digital) 2. Altered Reality (digital). However, entrants can submit digitised versions of images taken from original slides.

December 1st 2018:
Host: Mike Hillyard “Celebration”

The entire meeting will be devoted to the projection of AV presentations, based on this theme, made by members of the Society. It was first shown at the London meeting in January 2018 and was well-received. Members’ interpretations of this theme were wide-ranging, producing a show with plenty of variety and much to enjoy.

January 5th 2019:
Host: Francis Heath

(A) CRITIQUE OF STEREO IMAGES: What makes a good stereo image, one that perhaps could be the winner in a competition? Factors such as composition, camera position and lighting can all make a difference when we take the picture. Can we also improve our original image by masking, cropping or digital processing? Members are requested to bring some digital images for projection and discussion to help all of us to produce even better images.

(B) 3D AV AND VIDEO SHOWS: Projection of international award winning presentations, including some ISU CODE Shows, (images from other 3D clubs around the world).

February 2nd 2019
Host: Andrew Hurst

(A) ADVANCED SOFTWARE PROCESSING OF DIGITAL 3D IMAGES: Demonstrations will be given of advanced features of StereoPhoto Maker (SPM) and Adobe Photoshop to improve your 3D images and add creative effects, eg SPM Clone tool, creative masks, titling, improved exposure—shadows and highlights.

(B) IMAGES OF VIETNAM: Bryan Dunster will present a selection from the many 3D slides taken during a two and a half week tour of Vietnam in 2015. The tour covered the length of the country from south to north visiting Saigon, The Mekong Delta, the Cu Chi Tunnels, Dalat, Nah Trang, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi and Halong Bay. All stereo pictures were taken with a Fuji W3 and a Panasonic 3D1 camera.

March 2nd 2019:
Host: Bob Pryce

(A) BRISTOL ca. 1860 TO THE PRESENT IN 3D & A LITTLE LEPIDOPTERY: Bob Pryce presents some 3D AV shows of the beautiful, port city of Bristol, past and present, based on a cache of more than 250 stereo cards which were languishing in the city’s Record Office – he has now digitised and restored these historic images. His latest 3D AV shows of butterfly and moth life cycles will round off this session.

(B) MEMBERS’ DIGITAL IMAGES: Members are invited to submit a maximum of 10 digital images for projection. The set can be a random collection of images or a themed group; the choice is entirely up to the individual. Three judges will select a winning set (not an individual image) and a small prize will be awarded to the winner. (NB: This is open to all members of the Society. If not attending the Coventry meeting please send them in advance to: Geoff Ogram

April 6th 2019:
Host: Andrew Hurst

(A) ADVANCED USE OF DIGITAL 3D CAMERAS: How to get the best images from your Fuji W1 and W3 cameras will be discussed and some of the lesser known advanced features demonstrated. Also the construction and use of digital camera twin rigs including Canon cameras, using StereoData Maker and Samsung NX1000 twin rigs will be covered.

(B) STEREOSCOPIC SOCIETY ANNUAL COMPETITON – EXHIBITION 2019: To end the season’s programme we once again provide a chance for you to see the entries (slides, digital and prints) for this year’s exhibition. All the accepted entries (including the winning images, of course!) will be projected