journal207The Stereoscopic Society has regularly had a publication distributed freely to its members for the last 50 years. In that time it has developed from a duplicated news sheet to a 36 page A5 full colour printed magazine. It features examples of members’ work along with reports on meetings and society events. It also reflects members’ interests both theoretical and practical with first hand accounts of their experiences in the many facets of stereoscopy.

If you would like to know more about the Journal, download the 4.7 mb pdf sample, which includes the review of our London “Diableries” meeting with authors Brian May, Paula Fleming and Denis Pellerin.

Some of the topics covered in 2016 included
Annual Exhibition and Competition
Annual Convention at Darlington
Generating 3D images form stacked photographs
Book and Blu-ray 3D DVD reviews
Some options for digital 3D projection
3D projection using Windows 7 & later versions
Digital 3D stereocard copier
Application of stereo photography to botany
Building a Bioscope
Repairing original stereos with Photoshop
Invisible 3D – P3D photography using UV & IR photography – to be continued in 2017

Some of the items planned for 2017 include
Illustrated article on wrecked ships
Fairground organs
3D book review
Stereo safari in Africa
Stereoscopic drawing
External battery pack for the W3 camera
Visit to National Trust properties and aircraft museums
Using the “Triggertrap” in 3D photography
Stereo views of WW1
2017 Annual Competition.
2017 Convention and AGM

I am happy to consider articles on 3D topics from people who are not members of the Stereoscopic Society, but who have an interest in 3D photography or 3D video making. I should particularly be interested to hear of new products, books or technology.

Journal Editor