Stereoscopic Society Journal 218 - Spring 2019

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The magazine that developed into the Journal did not appear until May of 1963 with just three pages of duplicated notes.  It quickly increased to 14 duplicated pages that were published quarterly, until it eventually emerged as a black & white B5 size magazine.
Ultimately colour appeared on the covers and on a limited number of inside pages.
The Journal changed size from B5 to A5 in the spring of 2009 with issue 183.
Full colour was introduced in the summer of 2012 with issue 195.  Although there have been a few short breaks in publication due to a change of editors, the Journal is published four times a year, roughly in line with the seasons, although there was a break with tradition in 2017. Five Journals were printed that year, the annual competition was give its own edition! Any or all may be ordered from the back issues secretary.

The Society celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2018 and extra items celebrating this are already planned for the January and subsequent editions.  The Journal continues to describe the activities of the Society and its members, along with 3D related articles.
I should be happy to consider contributions from non members on any relevant 3D topic.

Journal editor 

Topics Covered in 2018

  • The history of stereoscopic projection over the past three decades.
  • Biography of Robert William Copeman – 4th Society President.
  • British contribution to early stereoscopic photography.
  • How to adjust digital images.
  • Details of the FJ Group Slide of the Year Competition.
  • How to take zoomed hyper stereo pictures from moving vehicles.
  • The Society’s GDPR policy
  • 2018 Convention details – Buxton
  • Audio-Visual competition details
  • History of the Stereoscopic Society folio groups.
  • History of 3D films on film
  • A suggestion to alter the ratio used in displaying stereo prints.
  • Home made Fuji W3 close up attachment.
  • Making 3D time lapse series.
  • Winning pictures form the 2018 Society Annual Competition.