NVP Prismatic Spectacles, for viewing side-by-side 3D images on TV, computer screen or large prints (up to twin A3)
Ideal for viewing side by side pairs during online Zoom meetings.
£   9.00
Loreo Lite card print viewer. Each £   3.00
Hugo de Wijs card flatpack slide viewer (41X101 format) £   6.00
Linear Polarising spectacles (plastic frames, non hinged). 5 pairs £ 13.00
Anaglyph Glasses: Red/Cyan or Red / Green (Please state which) x10
Mini £   4.00
Jumbo £   4.50
With arms £   6.00
Linear Polarising filters for stereo projectors (3″ x 3″ / 75mm x 75mm). 1 pair £  15.00
Mike Fisher’s Mounting Grid:
a slide mounting alignment gauge with instruction leaflet
£    1.00
All prices include UK postage and are correct as of 22/10/2021