Nottingham Convention, 2012

This Nottingham Convention was our 4th Convention and we still feel ourselves to be newcomers. This is not to say that we feel outsiders. No, the Society is a particularly friendly, non cliquish organisation and everybody talks openly to everybody – we very much enjoy this aspect of the Convention and the Society.

As always, the Convention had a number of projection sessions showing AV shows, slides and 3D videos chiefly from our membership but also some from abroad. These were generally of a very good standard and were most entertaining. Additionally there was the now-established AV5, short AV show, competition organised by Barry Aldous – this year won by David Burder for his piece on Royal Marines. The 2012 Exhibition/Competition entries were also shown and, where possible awards were presented. The comfortable, high ceilinged room that we had at the Crowne Plaza was well suited to projection and viewing needs. Projection was of a very high standard – set up and carried out by Andrew Hurst. Andrew, with the able assistance of Robin Williams looking after the audio, seems to have done pretty well everything apart from registration to make the Convention happen and we are extremely grateful to him. For his own business reasons etc he will be unable to do all this work in the future so we have to find new volunteers to take his place. In fact, Andrew’s contribution to the Society in this and many other ways deservedly won him the Martin Wilshire award from last year’s winner, Barry Aldous.

Alongside the main projection activity were several workshops and demonstrations and sales activities from members (listed in the programme details) and these provided a valuable focus for meeting and discussion between members. Some business was done by members disposing of surplus equipment and some items were just given away.

Sunday during the day was spent on two visits: to Newstead Abbey and the elaborate Papplewick (water) Pumping Station both of which were great photo opportunities in the reasonable weather that we had. These excursions were well organised by Greg and Carol Foster who live in Nottingham and were valuable people on the ground for the Convention. We all very much appreciate their contribution to the Convention.

We enjoyed our three days in Nottingham. The hotel and the company were good and we hope to be at next year’s Convention in Cirencester.

Bob & Jane Pryce