Preparing 3D images for projection

Projection sessions of members and guests work are a very important part of The Stereoscopic Society’s meetings. We have projection and sound facilities for digital and slides in both London and Coventry Centres using passive polarized spectacles for viewing on 8 and 10 foot screens.

The predominance these days is digital but sessions with the 41 x 101 mm (Realist) format (using RBT  projectors) and 2 x 50mm slide format (using Ektalite projectors) are still held on occasions and are especially useful for showing material made by members in the past and also by those members still working with film.


Projection for Society meetings is done with Optoma projectors. At Coventry meetings the Projection Format is 2800 x 1050 pixels and at London 2880 x 1080, though pictures and shows at 2800 x 1050 will automatically resize to this. For this reason, we have adopted 2800 x 1050 as the common projection format for side-by side images/shows.

However, projecting Side By Side (SBS) JPEG images using Stereo Photo Maker [SPM] images will automatically accommodate to the projection system whatever the image dimensions. If the image aspect ratio is exactly 4:3, they will be projected with no “black padding”. If the aspect ratio is not 4:3 then black padding will be automatically inserted either above & below or either side but not both. No cropping will occur. So if members wish their images to be projected using SPM, simply use work flow steps 1 and 2 from PDF Work Flow below .

If you wish to insert the images into an AV show using Magix or Sony Movie Studio (Vegas), or (presumably) any AV presentation software that IS specifically designed to handle 3D format, there is no need to resize keeping designated size with border. The software will know that it is dealing with a 3D image and process it accordingly. Again, simply use work flow steps 1 and 2 from PDF Work Flow below .

If, however, you wish to insert the images into an AV show, using ProShow, or Pictures to Exe (or other AV presentation software that is NOT specifically designed to handle 3D format), then there is a choice. The format of SbS (side-by-side) images must be 8:3 in aspect ratio, and, if the show is a simple one with no effects such as Zoom and Pan, then images sized at 2800 x 1050 are fine. If effects are required, then there is an advantage in having greater resolution, and the nominal size generated in the camera (e.g. 7296 x 2736 from the Fuji W3) will be fine. However, saving the images as separate left and right images will be necessary as these are required to be used with layering and positioning in ProShow to achieve panning and zooming.The work flow to achieve suitable images can be as in 1 to 4 from PDF Work Flow download .

. Link to Work Flow tutorial