Competition and Exhibition

Annual Competition

Accepted formats are Film 3D Slides and Digital 3D Images.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic the competition will be judged by selectors remotely in their own homes receiving the digital entries independently and awarding marks. Slides will also be judged digitally. You have the option of sending the competition secretary slides by post and these will be converted to digital format, or submitting a digital version of former slides. This prevents the necessity to post slides around all three selectors which would be laborious and pose not only COVID risks but also increased potential to lose slides in the post. There is no Print section this year for similar reasons and most prints now originate as digital files anyway.

For guidance on formatting images please see Mike Hillyard’s article on Preparing Digital Images for the Annual Competition

London exhibition prize winners

Download an Entry form .doc.

Download an Entry form .PDF

Closing date for entries:
12th February 2022

Organiser : David Ford

email :

See last years exhibition show on YouTube for 3D TV.
See last years exhibition show on YouTube for freeviewing or stereoscope.

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