Competition and Exhibition

Annual Competition

The Stereoscopic Society organises an annual competition. Entry is open and free to all members.

Members may enter 3D film slides and digital 3D images. Those who wish to enter slides have the option of submitting a digital version of their slides in side-by-side format or posting slides to the competition organiser for scanning.

There is no Print section in the competition.

In the 2024 competition there are three sections for 2D images converted to 3D: conversions which involved significant input by the author, e.g. creating/editing a depth map; conversions which involved minimum input by the author, e.g. those created using Leiapix convertor (AI) and images both created and converted to 3D using AI.

The competition will be judged by selectors remotely in their own homes.  They will receive the entries independently and award marks. This avoids the necessity to post images around all three selectors and allows us to invite overseas members to act as selectors.

For help in selecting and formatting your images please consult the guide to Choosing and Preparing Images for the Annual Competition

Download an Entry form:
Word document

The closing date for the 2024 competition is
Wednesday 31st January 2024

Follow the links below to watch recent competition shows on YouTube

The 2023 competition show on YouTube for 3D TV.

The 2022 competition show on YouTube for 3D TV.

The 2021 competition show on YouTube for 3D TV.

The 2021 competition show on YouTube for freeviewing or stereoscope.

Organiser : Rob Caley

email :