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Reusable plastic mounts, 41X101mm format.
RBT Plastic Mounts. Box of 50 per size: Apertures; 16X21mm, 23X19.5mm, 23X21mm, 23X28mm, 23X31.5mm, 23X33mm. £ 18.00
RBT mounts for masks (23X31.5) £ 10.00
RBT masks to fit the above mounts only 15X30 or 20X30 (Box of 100 for 50 slides) £   3.50
Bonum reusable plastic mounts, twin 50X50mm mounts, Apertures; 16X21mm, 23X22, 23X28.5, 23X33 (Box of 100 mounts for 50 stereo pairs)£12.00 £ 12.00
Spicer Cardboard Mounts, 41X101mm format, Apertures; 16X21mm, 23X28 or 23X33, pack of 50 £  5.00
All prices include postage and are correct as of 26/6/2018