External Links

Barry Aldous: Personal web site of Society member with many hints, tips and descriptions of Stereo gadgets.
Bob Aldridge: Francis Frith – Egypt in 3D

3D Image Galleries
The Stereoscopic Society | Flickr (Barry Aldous)
AssistPoint Flickr Gallery
The Sun in stereo by NASA
3D View of Sun and Heliosphere by NASA
Mars rover in 3D by NASA
Mars Express by ESA
3D Stereoimage by Ramon Dörfler
Jonathon Ross Hologram Collection
Phereo.com – a 3D photo sharing experience
3-D People in various Clubs by Susan Pinsky and David Starkman
Images of Stereoscopic Society meetings and conventions by Susan Pinsky and David Starkman

Other 3D web sites
3D legends
3D by Dan Shelley
3D Scotland by Peter Blair
3D Alps by Peter Blair

3D Software
Muttyan’s Home Page (Stereo Photo Maker, Stereo Data Maker, Stereo Movie Maker)
Stereoscopic Player
NVidia web site

3D Yahoo Groups
Stereo Data Maker
Photo 3D
Sell 3D

Commercial 3D/Stereoscopic sites
3DGlassesShop.co.uk – Member Andrew Hurst’s web site
American Paper Optics – US company selling 3D glasses
3d-art.net – Artist/Writer/Film maker – Mol Smith
The London Stereoscopic Company

Other Stereoscopic Societies and clubs
International Stereoscopic Union
Third Dimension Society
National Stereoscopic Association (NSA)
Stereoscopic Society of America (SSA)
The New York Stereoscopic Association (NYSA)
Brooklyn Stereoscopic Community
Sektion Stereo der Photographischen Gesellschaft in Wien
(Stereo Branch of the Photographic Society of Vienna)
Sydney Stereo Camera Club (SSCC)
Vancouver 3-D Club (was Western Canada 3D Club (Vancouver))
Stéréo-Club Français (SCF)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie e.V. (DGS)
Società Stereoscopica Italiana
Stereo Club Tokyo
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stereofotografie (NVvS)
Stereoscopic Society of New Zealand
Polski Klub Stereoskopowy (Polish Stereoscopic Club)
Stereoskopsko drustvo Ljubljana
Stereofotogruppen (Swedish Stereo group)
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie
Societé Suisse de Stéréoscopie
Societa Svizzera di Stereoscopia
Stereo Club of Southern California (SCSC)
The Atlanta Stereographic Association
Chicago Stereo Camera Club (CSCC)
Northern Illinois Stereo Camera Club
Stereo New England (SNE)
Minnesota Stereo Club – NSA Upper Midwest Region
Ohio Stereo Photographic Society (OSPS)
Cascade Stereoscopic Club (CSC)
Puget Sound Stereo Camera Club (PSSCC)